The Michigan Agricultural Surplus System (MASS) is an innovative partnership between Michigan food banks, Michigan farmers, and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.


Funded by a grant from the Michigan Department of Agriculture since 1990, MASS works to procure unmarketable, yet nutritious, agricultural surplus for Michigan food banks. These Michigan-grown products are then safely and efficiently made available to local pantries, soup kitchens and shelters.

In 2008, MASS "salvaged" close to 5 million pounds of fresh produce which was distributed to hungry individuals through the Food Bank Council of Michigan's state-wide network of food banks. MASS seeks to reduce food waste by encouraging redistribution of surplus food to the hungry. MASS provides a safe, fast and convenient system for the state's food industry to donate products, plus reimbursement to growers, packers and processors for costs incurred in preparing donations.

To register, and become a grower/processor member with MASS, fill out the online registration form.

Contact Michigan Agricultural Surplus System

Kath Clark
Food Programs Manager