The Michigan Alliance to Stop Hunger (MASH) is a unique statewide collaborative that provides a platform for organizations that have a common goal, ending hunger.


MASH is an action-oriented group of individuals, social service providers, for-profit entities, and state governmental agencies seeking collaborative solutions to end hunger in Michigan.

Shaping Policy & Empowering Citizens - A collective voice for those that often are unheard, MASH empowers the less fortunate to advocate, working together in a unique statewide collaboration for effective and efficient anti-hunger policies at the local, state, and federal levels.

Our monthly teleconference constitutes a direct link to “what’s happening now” in nutrition and anti-hunger initiatives in-state and nationwide, with an emphasis on informing and equipping alliance members for effective advocacy. Calls are held the third Friday of every month and Alliance members are kept up-to date with e-mail action alerts as necessary. To join the Michigan Alliance to Stop Hunger, fill out our online form, call 517-485-1202 for details, or contact

MASH is made possible by support from MAZON.  Food Bank Council of Michigan is grateful for their continued support.


Our mission is to bring together citizens and leaders statewide to impact policy and optimize food and nutrition programs for low-income Michiganders.


We envision a hunger-free Michigan in which all residents can access food as a critical step toward health and economic stability.

Contact Michigan Alliance to Stop Hunger

Kait Skwir
Director of Nutrition and Outreach